Vale dos Guenos Club is a Cultural Association, totally free to join, that organizes meetings, charity events, recreational activities, food tasting and much more.

The Association will help you discovering the area and organizing small or big activities that will make your stay even more memorable.

Interested in local events, nice beaches to enjoy, cities and towns to visit or share a drink with friends? You just need to ask.

Try local specialties

Food is an important part of Algarve’s culture, and we love to prepare something to eat and share the receipts with you.

Explore the markets!

There is plenty of markets in the closeby area, and we’ll help you finding them and recommend some of the local delicatessens. 

Meat and fries

Or go international...

More food, drinks and relax? Yes, please!

Our tables, chairs, sofas and hammock are perfect to taste something while sipping some cocktail and have a nice chat.

Camper Motorhome Park Portimão Algarve Portugal

The Quinta

“A quinta” (the farm) is a typical portuguese farm building, poor but welcoming and it is where we organize most events, but we can also propose different locations or recommend local restaurants and bars.